We help our clients navigate the complex and evolving tax landscape by providing tailored solutions, proactive guidance, and collaborative support from our team of experts. We listen to our clients’ goals and challenges and keep them updated on the best opportunities for their situation.

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Advanced Tax Strategies

Whether you are a business owner or a high net-worth individual, you need a customized tax strategy to save taxes and build wealth. Our experts can help you with multi-layer solutions that support your bottom line and your future goals. We have the skills and knowledge to meet your needs, today and tomorrow.

IRS Representation

Don't let the IRS intimidate you. If you're facing an audit, a lien, a levy, or any other tax issue, you need a strong advocate on your side.  Our IRS representaion services can help you resolve your tax problems.

Dawn Porthouse, MBA, EA, CTRC

Tax Problem Solver & Advocate

Dawn Porthouse has worked with hundreds of tax clients in her 18+-year financial career. She is a serial entrepreneur having started multiple successful businesses and now focuses exclusively on white-glove tax strategies and resolutions.


Dawn is exceptionally educated with an MBA from Babson College, an MPA from Framingham State University and a degree in Business from UMass Dartmouth. She is an Enrolled Agent, or EA, focusing narrowly on managing tax arrangements for business or private entities. Enrolled agents (EAs) are federally-authorized tax practitioners who have demonstrated technical competence in tax law and are the only taxpayer representatives licensed to practice by the United States government. Dawn boasts a wide range of knowledge in tax-related subjects as income, estate, gift, payroll, levies, returns, inheritance, non-profit and retirement taxes.


Whether you are high-end business owner hoping to save on tax liability or you are dealing with the IRS, Dawn brings a wealth of knowledge to your feet. Her tax strategies help business owners find new resources to create wealth with advanced approaches & forward-thinking planning. She also has a particular grasp on working with government agencies having done so throughout most of her career. She has effectively represented clients before the IRS and resolved complex matters.


Dawn offers you peace of mind as your advocate representing your needs in every area of tax solutions.

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